Features of Interlocking Bricks

Length Breath Height Weight
10” X 9” X 4.5” 12.000 KGS
12” X 6” X 4.5” 10.000 KGS

Advantages of Interlocking Bricks

  • Cost-savings as cement and sand are not used for constructing the wall.
  • Being a less heat-intensive and natural material,laterite retains coolness inside the house.
  • Less labor intensive and more time-saving as the Interlocking blocks need only be fitted to each other; instead of conventional cement mortar construction.
  • The Interlocking bricks can be salvaged without damage when the house is being dismantled in the future.

Bricks needed for 100 Sq.ft wall area

Brick Type Bricks Needed in 1 Sq.M For 100 Sq.Ft Wall area
9″ Bricks Required in 1 Sq.M 32 Nos 297 Bricks for 100 Sq.Ft Wall area
6″ Bricks Required in 1 Sq.M 27 Nos 250 Bricks for 100 Sq.Ft Wall area
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